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Clean navy video indicates Thai cave boys in ‘properly fitness’


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A brand new video of a youth football team trapped inside the bowels of a Thai cave emerged Wednesday displaying the men guffawing and pronouncing they may be nicely after their outstanding discovery by divers 9 days after going missing.

In a heartening message to families waiting in soreness out of doors, the Thai navy SEAL footage functions 11 of the 12-robust group, every makes a traditional Thai greeting gesture to the digicam before introducing themselves through nickname and saying “I´m in desirable health”.

Several of the men inside the frame are wearing protective foil blankets and are followed by using a smiling diver in a wetsuit.

Their 25-yr-antique instruct, who followed the lads down the cave after soccer education on June 23, is not heard in the pictures, published at the Thai army fb page.

It’s miles the second one video to pleasure a Thai country that has held its breath for a a hit final results to a complicated rescue kilometres internal one of the u . S . A .´s longest caves.

The one-minute clip ends on a jovial note, with one of the 12 young footballers pronouncing he became forgotten within the round of introductions, sparking laughter.

The boys appear comfy and plenty more alert than after they were while determined overdue Monday by British divers, as they took safe haven from surging underground waters on a muddy ledge.

Outside the cave one of the boy´s moms teared-up as she watched the clip on a tv display screen, announcing she turned into “happy” for a glimpse her son.

“he is thinner” she said as she ran her finger over his picture — a signal of the heartache the saga has brought to relatives of the trapped thirteen.

Numerous navy SEAL divers have deployed in conjunction with medics, even as the hard manner of evacuating the “Wild Boar” team starts.

Thai authorities say the focal point is now constructing up the men´ bodily and intellectual energy after a tribulation that has left them emaciated.

Subsequent they have got 3 major options: diving out of the cave device, exiting through another hollow if one can be found — or drilled — or waiting out the rainy season underground.

Professionals say diving out is weighted down with danger — greater in order the boys have by no means dived before and my now not be able to swim.

Areas of the cave stay submerged and the murky waters are very tough to navigate, even supposing the men are given precise system and a crash-course in how to dive.

The last alternative may be protracted as the monsoon starts to chunk and officers say they have saved meals, medicine and equipment to ultimate for as much as 4 months at an underground base.



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