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Ghanaian lesbians tie the knot in Canada


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Ghanaian lesbians have in the end been joined as husband and wife in Canada inside the presence of their own family, pals, and well-wishers from Canada and Ghana.

The two, Diana and Teresa have been are told decided to tied the knot in Canada because the law of Ghana frowns against equal-intercourse marriage for this reason their selection to wed in a foreign country where intercourse-identical marriage is allowed.

The couples expressed their happiness after been subsequently joined together. Their wedding was no longer too loud and turned into confined to three relied on own family and friends.

Despite the fact that their wedding become non-public, some pics taken at the marriage has already long past viral on social media.

Formerly, an Alumnus of Motown (ninety one yr organization), Stephen Anertey Caesar, also tied the knot along with his male partner, Ryan Lathrum, at Sonoma Valley in america.

In which one of the guests at the marriage stated, “The handiest faculty that has produced presidents no longer simplest in Ghana however in Zimbabwe, in the Gambia and so we support Stephen through singing our



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