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Hailee Steinfeld excited for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas


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Hailee Steinfeld is “so excited” about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ engagement.

The ‘Pitch best 2’ celebrity is thrilled that her pals – who she first of all set up – have become married and loves how “happy” they are together.

Speaking to entertainment this night, she stated: “i was so excited for her and Joe. They are each amazing pals of mine. Sophie’s my sister so i love her and something that makes her satisfied.”

meanwhile, Sophie previously found out she thinks being engaged is “lovable”.

She said: “i am still like: Holy s**t! I’m engaged … It is lovely to be engaged. Now not like I carried out something, but i found my individual like i’d find a residence that i love and need to stay in forever. There’s a experience of peace that comes with locating your individual. However there’s a drive that comes with your career.

“there may be this weird false impression that being married is the greatest element that’ll ever appear to you. But i have always discovered that my profession is something I work for, and after I obtain some thing, there’s a sense that this is the best component i’ll do in my existence.”

The 22-year-antique actress formerly revealed how she likes to preserve her dating as private as viable.

She explained: “i am in a courting, but it is a totally personal relationship. I’m happier than i have been in a completely long term. I very a lot isolated myself for a while and forgot what was a laugh. Going out with buddies, going out to eat, no longer absolutely having a care. And people i have met these days in my existence have drawn me out of that. It actually facilitates you very own the ones insecurities. The matters I tortured myself about earlier than, i’m able to forget about about.”


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