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Nicole Kidman to produce and star in Nine Perfect Strangers


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Nicole Kidman has closed a film and TV deal for the book ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’.

The actress’ Blossom Films has closed a preemptive deal for the screen rights to the new novel from ‘Big Little Liars’ writer Liane Moriarty and Nicole is set to star in and produce the adaptation.

Nicole and her producing partner Per Saari will join forces with Bruna Papandrea’s Made Up Stories on the project.

Moriarty said in a statement: “I’m so very happy and thrilled to once again be working with Nicole, Per and Bruna. They are such talented, passionate people and I have no doubt that whatever they do with my Nine Perfect Strangers, it will be brilliant. Even before I’d written ‘the end’ they believed in it, and I just feel very lucky to have had them come into my life.’

Meanwhile, Nicole can next be seen on the big screen in ‘Aquaman’ and recently revealed she was “pummelled” by water in her first scene – but wanted more.

The Oscar-winning actress portrays Queen Atlanna in the upcoming action adventure and has been hailed a “trooper” by director James Wan for the way she dealt with her punishing first moments on camera.

Nicole said: “My opening shot in the film is being washed up on a rock, and I got to lie there with these massive waves crashing over me. I’m thinking, ‘The bigger, the better! Come on, James. Give it to me. That’s why I’m doing this movie.’ ”

James added: “Nicole was a trooper, because really, we were pummeling her with this massive water tank that shoots rainstorms, just coming down on her. When you get hit with those, it’s like being pelted with rocks.”

Meanwhile, Nicole, 51, revealed the director was determined to land her for her role as the powerful mermaid because from the start of his working on the film, he’d envisioned her for the part.

She said: “It’s so funny because James said to me, ‘I so want you to do this.’

“And he said, ‘I’ll prove to you that I’ve always wanted you to do this. In all of my renderings, I drew you. So what’re you going to say?’ “


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