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Overcoming the productiveness Paradox in virtual fitness Care


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A point of view piece published in JAMA explored the advantages of healthcare machine technology and the argument for “optimism” regarding the digitization of medication.

As of 2018, fewer than 10% of hospitals are without an digital health record (EHR) gadget, and even though “gains in efficiency and productivity” have been minimum, Robert M. Watcher, MD, of the branch of medicine at the college of California, San Francisco, argues that present day improvements in device studying, synthetic intelligence, and structures questioning have the ability to drastically improve the “pleasant, safety… and efficiency” of health care.

Highlighting the error-inclined nature and inefficiency of paper statistics, Dr Watcher emphasized the current use of EHR structures in scientific file-preserving. Though those electronic structures have their obstacles, destiny trends within the potential for statistics extraction drive the writer’s optimism for healthcare digitization.

That advances in EHR systems performance have now not been fully realized is an artifact of the “productivity paradox,” or the belief that productiveness does now not right now improve with the implementation of information technology. Dr Watcher cited manufacturing facility electrification and manufacturing digitization as examples of structures that overcame the paradox with 2 key tendencies: generation improvements and a “reimagining of the paintings.”

fitness care is poised to conquer this paradox: EHR structures have visible big upgrades in analytic era, and gadget gaining knowledge of has become a salient tool for a few diagnostic techniques. These technological improvements, in addition to “evolving fashions” of thought in fitness care are tantamount to overcoming the productiveness paradox and optimizing digital systems.


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