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Pooja Hegde sweats it out for Housefull four


Running on her parent for Housefull 4, Pooja Hegde talks about her 5-hour days on the fitness center

Set to kick-off paintings on her subsequent Bollywood film two years after her first one launched, Pooja Hegde knows that the stakes are high for her with Housefull 4. In a bid to go away no stone unturned, the actor has been toiling away at the health club, putting in as many as 5 hours each day to work on her frame.

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A combination of purposeful schooling, aerial silk, Pilates and Yoga is assisting her paintings on some of fitness components, mainly agility, which, she says, is a needful for a tune in the movie. “My regime involves calisthenics as nicely. It has helped me yield accurate results. Since the beyond few weeks, i have been journeying to distinctive locations to shoot. Due to the fact that fitness has usually been a priority, i’ve made sure to wake up at 4 am to training session.”

well conscious that a fitness recurring is rendered redundant in the absence of a nutritious meal plan, Hegde is likewise making certain to stick to home-cooked meals.


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