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Putin leaves international Cup ball in Trump’s half


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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin tried to lighten the temper at a submit-summit information convention with American leader Donald Trump on Monday by using tossing him a global Cup football.

Trump had congratulated his opposite quantity on Russia’s a hit web hosting of the opposition, which came to a climax on Sunday an afternoon before the Helsinki summit.

Going through a barrage of questions about the struggle in Syrian and Russia’s alleged position in Trump’s 2016 election victory, each guys broke into short smiles as the Kremlin chief exceeded over the souvenir.

“talking about having the ball in our court docket in Syria,” Putin stated, in an awkward exchange of challenge. “President Trump has just stated that we have efficiently concluded the football international Cup.

“talking of football, genuinely, Mr President, i will supply the ball to you and now the ball is for your court. All the more as america will host the sector Cup in 2026.”

Trump cheerfully back the compliment, saying he hoped america could host an equally a hit opposition, and promised to give the ball to his 12-12 months-antique son Barron.

The change seemed to amuse the 2 leaders however it did now not pass down so well returned in Washington, where many figures from both facets of the political spectrum felt Trump had been too trusting of Putin’s denials of covert interference.

“If it have been me, i’d test the football ball for listening gadgets and in no way permit it inside the White house,” hawkish Republican Senator Lyndsey Graham said on Twitter.

In a separate incident quickly before the presidents arrived for the information convention an obvious protester turned into dragged away by using protection bearing a sign relating to the nuclear take a look at ban treaty.


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