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Royal Etiquette for the Trumps’ go to: don’t Kiss the Queen


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LONDON (AP) — President Donald Trump is coming to Britain sparkling from a confrontational NATO summit that featured stinging grievance of the united states’s closest allies, but he’s likely to tone down that stance whilst he’s taking tea Friday with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

The president and his spouse Melania are not anticipated to make waves all through the visit with the 92-12 months-old monarch. Elizabeth has met every U.S. President on account that Dwight Eisenhower except Lyndon Johnson, who never visited Britain whilst in workplace.

The imposing setting at Windsor fort and the truth that his hostess is one of the maximum favourite ladies within the global are predicted to mood Trump’s iconoclastic ways. There are also regulations of etiquette for encounters with the queen, even though they’re less inflexible than many believe.

Chief among them: don’t get too affectionate with the queen, who does no longer expect to be hugged or kissed with the aid of guests.

In a assembly like this, etiquette calls for Trump to attend until the queen gives her hand, then to shake it with politeness and move on. The equal applies to Mrs. Trump.

Neither the president nor the first woman could be likely to bow or to curtsy once they meet the queen, stated Hugo Vickers, an creator who has long chronicled the British royals.

“That would not be required from a head of state or the wife of a head of kingdom,” he said. “He could be smart not to try to kiss her, and i don’t assume for a moment that he’s going to.”

Vickers expects the royal visit to head easily no matter the many controversies swirling round Trump’s visit to the U.K. He says the queen will form an influence of the yankee president but will not share it, given her penchant for retaining her mind to herself and her very closest own family.

“whatever we think of President Trump, he is the elected president of the us of the united states and he has been invited to this u . S . A . And he need to be dealt with with first-rate civility,” Vickers said. “The queen will manifestly be very courteous to him.”

There are conventions for how to deal with the queen. The Trumps might be anticipated to call her “Your Majesty” upon meeting her and in a while name her “Ma’am.”

But the queen truely changed into now not upset whilst South African President Nelson Mandela referred to as her Elizabeth. Nor was she miffed when Michelle Obama placed her arm across the queen in short.

Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in British records, has shown herself to be unflappable whilst the sudden takes place. She isn’t always acknowledged to show anger in public, and the simplest times the majority have visible her show unbridled glee is whilst one in every of her racehorses performs extraordinarily well in a competition.

The public typically sees her in maximum composure mode.

She failed to bitch, for example, in 1991 when negative White house planning intended that simplest her hat become seen whilst she addressed a crowd in Washington along side President George H.W. Bush — the rostrum peak were set for the tall president, not the diminutive monarch.

The queen is understood to dislike revealing clothing, so it is anticipated that Mrs. Trump will put on a stylish but conservative outfit. The president is probably to put on his conventional blue healthy and a tie.

A few preferred guidelines apply — it’s taken into consideration terrible form to turn your returned at the queen or to photo her. Nevertheless, the times whilst there was a “proper” or “incorrect” way to maintain a tea cup disappeared at about the time of the Beatles.

“the ones days are long gone,” stated Joe Little, dealing with editor of splendor mag. “as long as he doesn’t drink it out of the saucer. This is kind of a British, a London way of life, but it’s frowned upon.”

He said the entire occasion can be a whole lot more secure than a proper banquet or lunch.

It will not be a extended go to, just like the one in 1982 that changed into long enough to permit Ronald Reagan to head horseback driving with the queen.

There’s one factor the Trumps need to hold in mind, however: if you do not like dogs, pretend which you do, even if it is simplest for an hour.


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