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SIUT observes World Hepatitis Day


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KARACHI: People from all walks of life attended the World Hepatitis Day being observed on Saturday at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, where they also availed the free screening and diagnostic facilities.

According to an official press statement, the theme was set by the World Health Organisation for this year, titled “Eliminate Hepatitis” — pledging to wipe out the diseases globally by 2030.

Like the previous years, the prime objective to observe the day was to raise awareness regarding the global issue of hepatitis, and to influence real changes, said the statement.

The SIUT termed Hepatitis C ‘a big menace for the country’, adding that a recent change in the oral medications has revolutionised the treatment response of Hepatitis C.

“Therefore, prompt diagnosis and treatment can bring about long lasting results. Eliminating hepatitis C from Pakistan is achievable target if combined efforts are made in the right direction” said the SIUT statement.

During the day-long proceedings, visitors were screened for Hepatitis C, received Hepatitis B vaccination and went through ultrasound of the abdomen to ascertain the possibility for any liver disease.

Moreover, the visitors were shown awareness videos in different languages to educate about the mode of transmission, treatment and preventive methods of the disease. The methods included the use of boiled water for drinking, practice of hand washing before eating and after using washroom, using new syringes, razor blades and sterilised used of dental and surgical equipment in case of any procedure and restricting use of other person’s belonging was also stressed.

Medical experts specialising in the field of Hepatitis treatment and liver diseases were on the spot to answer the queries of the visitors.

“Healthy change in the basic life style and comprehensive dietary advice was also extended to visitors as a part of preventive measures” mentioned the press release.


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