Home Entertainment Will Imran Khan beat Canadian PM at handsomeness?

Will Imran Khan beat Canadian PM at handsomeness?


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and iconic former cricketer Imran Khan was known for his charisma long before he stepped into politics. It wasn’t the results of the General Election 2018, slating him to be Pakistan’s next prime minister, that brought Imran’s graceful looks to the limelight.

The PTI fans have long swooned over their leader’s persona and charm, although this time they went to great lengths to compare him to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is no ordinary PM after all, the world has been quite besotted with his charming looks and a burgeoning capacity to blend into different cultures.

According to a website which made a list of most handsome head of states, Trudeau ranks at the top, being the most handsome politician to head a country. But for the fans of Khan, the potential Pakistani prime minister will easily jeopardise Trudeau’s charm and grace.

Although Imran is yet to be sworn in as the head of the country, the PTI fans have started making posts on social media announcing that Imran will be the most handsome prime minister now.

Here are some of the tweets making the comparison:



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