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Zara Tindall reveals secret second miscarriage


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Zara Tindall suffered a secret second miscarriage before giving birth to daughter Lena in June.

The 37-year-old equestrian and her husband Mike Tindall welcomed daughter Mia in 2014 and announced in November 2016 that they were expecting another child before Zara suffered a tragic miscarriage just weeks later.

And now, the granddaughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, has revealed that she also had a second miscarriage but did not reveal it because it was “too raw.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, she said: “You need to go through a period where you don’t talk about it because it’s too raw. But, as with everything, time’s a great healer.”

Zara’s second miscarriage happened early in the pregnancy but the first one was further along.

She said: “In our case, it was something that was really rare; it was nature saying, ”This one’s not right.’

“I had to go through having the baby because it was so far along.

“[Zara’s brother] Pete was again very much the protective brother; he was very concerned about me, as was Mike.

“Everyone was. It was a time when my family came to the fore and I needed them.”

Mike, 39, previously spoke of how difficult miscarriage was for him and Zara but said Mia helped them to cope.

He explained: “One thing you do learn is how many other people have to go through the same thing. The saving grace for us has been Mia, our daughter. However down we feel she will come running up in our faces. When I was playing [rugby] I hardly saw her; now we can see her grow up. I can take her swimming and I can take her to Ninja Tots. You’ll never be able to see her there because she disappears in a puff of smoke.”



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